Tusk Carbide Cutting Wheel – 125 x 1 x 22.23

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TCW Tusk Carbide Cutting Wheel. Designed to use on angle grinders and a multi-application blade for high-speed cutting though Timber, Timber with Nails, Electrical Conduit, PVC, PLastic, Plaster and other similar construction materials. Tungsten Carbide Grit quality & size ensures in a fast cut, long life and, multi-application use. High bonding laser melting process between the steel and tungsten carbide grit ensures a durable and safe application. Features a thin body design and expansion slots to give quick cutting speed and helps avoid blade deformation.

Available in these Sizes Only:

  • TCW 125 Carbide Cutting Wheel – 125 x 1 x 22.23
  • TCW 115 Carbide Cutting Wheel – 115 x 1 x 22.23

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