Tusk Diamond metal cut-off wheel – 125 x 1.5 x 22.23

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The perfect solution for cutting sheet steel, stainless steel, pipe, tubing, box beams and cast iron up to 5mm in thickness.

VACUUM BRAISED DIAMONDS diamonds chemically bonded to steel core under high heat. Diamond grit grown into the steel for superior strength and life. 70% more diamond efficiency compared with normal sintered blades.

PERFORATED STEEL CORE DESIGN reduces heat build-up & quick cooling under intensive use.

KEEP THE CUTTING DEPTH resin blades reduce in diameter with every cut. Long life – no blade changes.

RISK FREE – OPTIMUM SAFETY solid metal core means no loss of segments, chipping or shatter risk. No flexing, no smell, reduced noise, reduced sparks, reduced vibration.



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