About Us

Toro Safety Powertools  is located at 187 Marua Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

With over 20 years’ of combined experience, TORO is a professional team of experts dedicated to providing you with the best possible product and service delivery standards that the world has come to know today. We specialize in Asbestos Management Equipment, Safety gear and apparel, footwear and powertools to get the job done right.

The companies experience in the construction, industrial and asbestos industries has allowed us to develop and maintain leading knowledge, skills and capability in the marketplace. This has allowed us to develop TORO to assist others in maintaining a very high level of productivity.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the industry and feel that customer service is paramount to successful partnerships with our clients.

TORO approaches business differently, you’ll continue to see that as we strive to build a great relationship with you.

We endeavour to source only the best products and services from world leading suppliers to bring you the very best in the industry.