Makita Automatic Self-Levelling Laser Level – Tool Only


  • Automatic operation in both horizontal and vertical modes
  • Better self-leveling range
  • Variable rotation speed
  • Allows higher storage temperature
  • Optional Accessories: Tripod (P-81088)

Included accessories: Receiver (LE00796587) Remote Control (LE00796588), Laser Goggles, Wall Mount (LE00791661), Target Plate (LE00785638)


  • Light source Laser diode
  • Wave length 635nm
  • Output Less than 1mW
  • Measuring range 200m with receiver
  • Measuring unit1.0mm
  • Accuracy ±0.1mm @10m
  • Batteries AA x 2
  • Overall dimensions 156mm
  • Net weight 1.6kg
Available options
SKR200Z skin, tool only


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