Hikoki Multi-Port Rapid Smart Charger (UC18YTSL(H0Z))

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HiKOKI’s Premium Multi Port Rapid Smart Charger is at the heart of our unbeatable Lithium Ion battery performance, jam packed with time saving features.

Our Fan-Cooled Smart Chargers work intelligently when charging batteries to ensure safe electrical transfer and a long service life – providing up to 1500 re-cycles on premium batteries.

Voltage output 18V
Charging Modes Simultaneous / Sequence
Charging Capabilities 18V & 36V Multi Volt
Charge Time 3.0Ah 30 min.
5.0Ah 32 min.
6.0Ah 38 min
8.0Ah 52 min.
Dimensions (WxLxH) 181mm x 255mm x 112mm
Outputs USB x2
230V x1
Weight 1.6kg
Accessories Excludes batteries and accessories pictured


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