Tusk Polishing Pad Backer (Flexible)

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 Velcro backed polishing pads simply stick to the backing pad and then fixed to your angle grinder. Backing pad comes rigid, medium or flexible for easy polishing without gouging.

Available in these sizes:

  • TPPB R125 Polishing Pad Backer – Rigid 125 Aluminum
  • TPPB R100 Polishing Pad Backer – Rigid 100 Aluminum
  • TPPB M125 Polishing Pad Backer – Middle 125
  • TPPB M100 Polishing Pad Backer – Middle 100
  • TPPB F125 Polishing Pad Backer – Flexible 125
  • TPPB F100 Polishing Pad Backer – Flexible 100
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