Makita ImpactX™ Magnetic Nutsetter 152mm (A-97134)

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  • Magnetic nut driver provides convenient pick-up and retention of hex fasteners
  • Lobular design drives along flats to reduce rounding of hex fasteners
  • Flat edges at hex opening for full contact with flanged hex head screws


Part #




A-97097145mmMagnetic Nut Driver 1/4A-97112165mmMagnetic Nut Driver 1/4A-971341152mmMagnetic Nut Driver 1/4

A-97140145mmMagnetic Nut Driver 5/16A-97162165mmMagnetic Nut Driver 5/16A-971841152mmMagnetic Nut Driver 5/16

A-97190145mmMagnetic Nut Driver 3/8A-97215165mmMagnetic Nut Driver 3/8A-972371152mmMagnetic Nut Driver 3/8

A-97243145mmMagnetic Nut Driver 7/16A-97259165mmMagnetic Nut Driver 7/16

A-97695Square Drive152mmMagnetic Nutsetter Set – 3PC – (1/4 5/16 3/8)A-97265Square Drive45mmMagnetic Nutsetter Set – 3PC – (1/4 5/16 3/8)A-97689Square Drive65mmMagnetic Nutsetter Set – 3PC – (1/4 5/16 3/8)


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