Makita Efficut 165x56T Cutting Blade

$81.75 Inc gst

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  • “EFFICUT” series TCT saw blades made specially for cordless saws
  • Ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates for true run. This saves precious battery power and life
  • Precision honed, high-grade carbide for easy, smooth cuts and long life

B-57358 (Wood & Melamine- Fine Finish)

  • 140% More cuts per charge (Than 2.2mm kerf blade)
  • 140% Faster Cut Speed (Than 2.2mm kerf blade)

B-62991 (Wood-Rip+Cross Cut)

  • 25% more cuts per charge
  • 25% Faster cut speed

B-69870 (Wood-Fine Finish)

  • 70% more cuts per charge
  • 105% Faster cut speed
  • Ideal for DLS600


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