Makita HG6030K Heat Gun

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2-temperature settings (300 and 600 °C) plus cooling mode (50 °C) for a variety of applications
2-speed blower settings (250 and 500 L/min) for greater versatility
Delivers up to 500 L/min at 600 °C
Ergonomic soft rubber grip design for comfortable operation
Optional nozzles:
Overlap welding nozzle (slot-top) for heating a hot sheat from the upper side
Solder sleeves reflector for heating the lower side of a sheet and for heating a heat shrink tube
Welding nozzle (round-top) for welding a plastic welding rod
Speed welding nozzle for welding a plastic welding rod speedily while holding it
Included accessories: 4 Nozzles: (PR00000028) (PR00000029) (PR00000030) (PR00000031), carry case


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Air temperature 50° – 600°
Air volume 250-300 l/min
Overall dimensions 233mm
Net weight 0.57kg
Continuous rating input 1,800W
Power supply cord